Quality Assurance, an Indispensable Part in Software Development

Before proceeding to understand Quality Assurance in software development, it is important to acknowledge the meaning of the term. The term is referred to the systematic activities implemented in a quality system for the development of a product or service. A systematic measurement, the term is used in comparison with standard procedures and feedbacks that render error prevention. The term can also be compared with "Quality Control," which focuses on the outcome of the processes.

Principles in Quality Assurance

There are two principles in QA. The first is the "Fit for purpose," and this confers that the product is suitable for the desired purpose. The second is "Right first time," in which the errors are eliminated. The QA manages all the assemblies, production, and quality of the materials, services related to inspection, production and management. The user or the company or customers determine the superior quality standard. The QA is does not set up any cost fundamentals or descriptors.

Software QA

The means of monitoring the process of software engineering and methodologies to ascertain its quality is known as the software quality assurance. All the Best Software Development Companies employ procedures by which this is accomplished and assure confirmation to one standard.

Quality Control in software development

Significance: Playing an essential role in all production processes, quality assurance is significant even in software development. Software Developing Companies understand that adapting an ad hoc procedure for quality testing is not enough. The compromised quality would irk the customer and prove to be negative publicity. QA during the software development process ensures superior quality end-product that satisfies the customer.

Is Quality Assurance Testing?

The most common misleading notion is that quality assurance is only testing. Although a part of the QA, the procedure also includes other significant Software Development Life cycle milestones.

The process includes validation after verification, which starts as soon as the software is being developed. The ground work begins at the stage of inception and includes the test plan compilation, test goals, test deliverable, approach and other requirement testing. The verification is accomplished via the requirements, plan, code and test plan analysis. The process of verification is important as it renders the software bug-free in the initial stages and subsequent bug fixing is prevented. The entire procedure provides to be the means of being cost effective.

Testing a part of QA:

Once the verification has been completed, the expert team proceeds towards testing which includes the following activities:

  •     The functionality of the software and its features are tested.
  •     Other non-functional components like load, security, maintenance, usability etc are tested. These non-functional components enable the testers to judge the performance and other flaws.
The verification and testing done, the next step is to proceed towards the validation process that is called the regression testing. This ensures that patches of codes have not led to other errors in the software product.

The entire process of QA is to ensure the conformity of the product en route for usability, accessibility, efficiency, interoperability, reliability, functionality and reliability. Fostering QA ensures happy clients and quality software.


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